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Law Of Ueki (First series):

Physical strength: Tons (can carry a large rock, and other feats, stronger if using the fighting style Ri Hou taught him - energy usage-)

Speed: Relativistic Reflexes (only has relativistic reflexes ,can only see relativistic to lightspeed attacks, react to them, dodge them and etc., but can not actually move at such speeds, or launch millions of attacks per second like that speed would imply, still is too fast to be seen by normal humans when using certain celestial weapons, or the fighting style Ri Hou taught him)

Destructive Capacity: Mountain


Inteligence: Battle Genius

Law Of Ueki + (Second series):

Physical Strength: Tons (the same as in the first series)

Speed: Relativistic Reflexes (not as fast anymore, lost the celestial weapons, never showed to be able to still use what Ri Hou taught him)

Destructive Capacity:


Inteligence: Battle Genius

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